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The 2023 Wix Updates

Wix's biggest-ever upgrade just took effect, in what industry experts are calling a game changer for the entire web design sector, and mirrors Google's major code updates for 2023 keeping your website up to date.

The Velo indexing update will make your website faster, while adding breadcrumbs will help Google index your page. Choose from an update below:


We've given the option of doing one or both of the 2023 updates. If you'd like to do both we will throw in free Google indexing (a $150 value) for free.


Breadcrumbs+Velo Update


This will include both the Velo Update and the Breadcrumbs update for 2023 and will also include free Google indexing (we send the new site to Google) so it will show up higher in search engines with the new content.

Velo Only Update


This update will help your website speed and performance and overall site architecture. You will have a faster mobile site as well.

Breadcrumbs Only Update


This update will help your website communicate with Google and Bing along with social media sites by updating the indexes that talk to search engines.

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