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Amazon Enhanced Content

Enhanced Brand Content is a feature from Amazon that allows sellers to personalize their brand image further. It provides sellers additional options to improve their product listings, such as adding rich content to the description field and more. A detailed touch on the listing can help attract more customers, convince them to take action, and increase the conversation rate. 

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In order to take advantage of the additional visual content using Amazon EBC, sellers need to be registered with and approved by Amazon’s Brand Registry. Alternatively, participants of Amazon’s managed selling programs, such as Launchpad or Amazon Exclusives, automatically have access to A+ content as well.

Eligible sellers can add Enhanced Brand Content (Amazon EBC) to any ASIN that they own according to the Global Catalog Identifier (GCDI) and have an offer for. Amazon A+ Content can be added to both parent and child ASINs. Let us help you navigate this process.

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Not only does an outstanding EBC help build brand awareness, but it also helps your customers know what makes you unique! Since you can add more creative and customized touches to your listing, customers will find you more reliable, credible, and fun to get to know. It can leave a long-lasting impression on them. As they continue to purchase without negative experience, you can also build brand loyalty. Now, there's nothing better than those scenarios.

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