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B. Avery Hair Colorist




San Antonio's best barber and hair colorist, Ben Avery, came to us with a vision and a plan, and that was it. He needed a complete branding package to truly encompass the luxury that is B.Avery.

B. Avery Hair Colorist

When Ben Avery contacted us to build his hair salon and barbershop website but also design a logo for him, we wanted to know more about how he works, who he is, and what his business is all about. After a lengthy consultation, we designed a very luxe logo that tells the retail customer that it's a quality product.

After designing the logo, we built the website around the "keep it simple" concept that we employed in designing the new logo and color groupings. The website conveys luxury, quality, and top-of-the line feelings, along with colors that match that ambience. Ben quickly approved the design and we went to work publishing the site to Google's best practices and mobile friendly compatibility.

The results  speak for themselves - over 300% jump in bookings over the same period the previous year, all with a little design and SEO magic.

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