Heads Up Dummy LLC is a football dummy accessory that helps all ages of football players build muscle memory and learn the proper way to tackle based on independent athletic data. It’s a different approach to football & tackling and as a start-up product requires a site that is easy-to-use for fans while also marketing and educating their targeted prospects.

We knew from our first meeting that the Heads Up team had a great product ready for growth and just needed the resources to help bring those ideas to market. They instantly understood the value of strategic planning and wanted to make sure we carefully considered both marketing and product development needs.

We started by developing audience personas and let that market knowledge guide our first phase: establishing a new site architecture and design. Phase one was focused on the front-end marketing site of Heads Up Dummy and included a complete redesign with custom graphics and responsive designs as well as new content that both educates the marketplace and details the benefits of their product.

Phase two ran consecutively and focused on the user experience and functionality of the product. Heads Up Dummy’s website is more than just a marketing tool, it is where their product resides. Our work in phase two has extended across the year with several new releases of priority upgrades to help make it easier for their customers to search, review and compare pros & cons.

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Our phased approach means that we are continually working towards the next plan - either doing the actual technical work or planning for what comes next. It’s the best way to keep evolving and for a growing business like Heads Up Dummy, it’s the best way to meet their needs. Earlier this year, we launched several new functions and continue to work through a priority list of further enhancements.

"“In our case, there was no business without the site! Rob at Rocket Fuel was the only designer that, within the first meeting, made me feel very confident and comfortable that he understood and could produce what we envisioned. It’s been a terrific experience working with him. I have never had to ask twice for answers and when delivered, they always made sense! The finished product is far superior than I imagined!”"

B.Martin, Owner, Heads Up Dummy

Our team is highly motivated and inventive thinkers and tinkerers — designers, developers, engineers & more.



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