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Our Approach

We do anything it takes to win for our clients. Anything.

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Audience First. Always.

At Level Nine Media, where web design meets innovation, we thrive on nurturing brand growth—that's what revs up our creative engines in Austin, San Antonio, Kyle, and San Marcos, TX. Our mission? To sculpt a brand identity that resonates and captivates in fresh, exhilarating ways. And our strategy is straightforward, yet impactful: audience first – always.

It's a simple truth often overlooked: at the core of every business, organization, and brand is a community of individuals. By deeply understanding the people you aim to connect with, you're halfway to success. With a people-centric approach, our method for any venture is clear-cut:

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Defined Audience

Looking to expand your business? At Level Nine Media, we believe understanding your key audience is crucial to your growth. Who are they? What insights do you have about them? What responses do you seek from them? Identifying your target audience allows us to craft a strategic engagement plan tailored to connect and resonate with them effectively.

Marketing analytics, Targeted audience engagement, Marketing funnel optimization

Audience Values

What does your audience value? How does your brand or product offering align with them? If you want your brand to truly connect with people, you need to be sure that you are putting out there is in sync with what your key market is looking for – and how they are looking for it.

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Brand Opportunity

What is the opportunity? How does this project meet your audience and brand needs? Do you need a new logo, website, and sales materials to enter the market? Or, do you simply need to get your name out there with some targeted outreach and paid advertising? We’ll help identify the right mix of tools and tactics to launch your brand higher than ever before. Not sure what you need yet? Try our Service Selector to help guide your next steps.

E-commerce website design, Shopify store optimization, Austin web agency

Project Goals

What are your goals at the end of the day? What does success mean to you? Having well defined SMART goals to reach for gives us the ability to know when we’ve made it, or if we have more work to do. Plus, we can create better action plans for how we will get there.

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Competition Review

Sun Tzu's wisdom on understanding one's adversaries mirrors our approach to competition at Level Nine Media. Before initiating any project, we conduct a thorough analysis of your competitive environment. What insights can we gain from your rivals? How do they connect with your target audience? What strengths do they possess, and how can we position you uniquely in the market? This strategic comprehension of your competitors equips us to craft innovative solutions that distinguish your brand, ensuring it shines distinctively in the industry.

Online brand promotion, Conversion rate optimization, Lead generation tactics

Business Game Plan

With a solid grasp of your target audience, brand identity, project scope, and goals, we're ready to chart the course for your success. Picture it as orchestrating a voyage to the cosmos. You'll require a spacecraft, abundant fuel, and a seasoned team to navigate the journey securely. At Level Nine Media, we meticulously plan each detail, from the spacecraft's nuts and bolts to the astronaut's meals, ensuring you can comfortably sit back and marvel at the view ahead.

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Launch sequence activated! Throughout your project, Level Nine Media ensures you're always in the loop about progress and developments. Our skilled project managers, alongside user-friendly tracking tools such as Asana, DashThis, and Toms Planner, guarantee a transparent and informed journey from start to finish.

"THE SAME DAY IT WAS LAUNCHED, we started to receive new requests for caterings and we have seen almost 100% growth with our website reach. "

Josh B., Chef

Josh Bakken Chef in AZ
Website revamp specialists, Shopify theme customization, Austin e-commerce developers

Level Nine Media: Your go-to for full-spectrum branding and creative services, mastering in brand evolution, graphic design, web development, and digital marketing strategies.

Agency Hours

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