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Jon Keegan stands at the intersection of ingenuity and craftsmanship, a professional mechanical puzzle creator and mechanical engineer whose creations captivate and challenge minds around the globe.

Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris
SEO-friendly website design, Conversion-focused layouts, Innovative design concepts

Client Name

Keegan's Corner






Mechanical Puzzle Maker

Venture into the realm of creativity and precision engineering. 

Recognizing the need to match Jon's online identity with his intricate designs, we embarked on a journey to construct a website as visually stunning and ingeniously crafted as his puzzles.

Services We Provided:

  • Brand Refresh

  • Logo Restoration

  • E-commerce Integration

  • Product Image Standardization

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Digital Advertising

  • Global Streaming Enhancement

This transformation signifies more than just a website launch; it marks Jon Keegan’s definitive step into the spotlight of the digital world. Now, serves as a testament to his dual expertise in mechanical engineering and puzzle creation, inviting visitors into a world where creativity meets precision. It’s a platform where Jon’s innovations come to life, engaging a global audience with the art and science of puzzle design.

SEO-friendly website design, Conversion-focused layouts, Innovative design concepts

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