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A legendary smoke shop with 5 locations in the Dallas area was in dire need of a new website and faster loading mobile site, and we were called to do the work. 

Pipes, Papes & Vapes


With 5 Shops in the DFW area

Ronnie, the owner of Rad Glass and Pipes, Papes & Vapes, was referred to us from a previous client, and when he contacted us, Covid-19 had just hit the mainstream (around March 2020). The City of Dallas and DFW area had just gone into a Coronavirus lockdown, and his retail store had taken a major hit, going from $45k/week for all stores to under $10k/week, and rent was due.

He could no longer have his stores open to the public, and he had a non-working website that wasn't making a penny in sales (his sales came from in-store retail customers) and so he had no ecommerce website engine or shipping set up. We told him to give us one week and we would make sure he stayed open and made even MORE than he was in retail sales. He agreed to let us help.

First, we took the old graphics, logo and images and cleaned them up to make them web-friendly. We took down the old website altogether and set up a coming soon page for lead gathering. After this, we really went to work.


We had to look for an ecommerce website service that was compatible with vape sales and online vape laws. We finally found a payment processor that allowed vape sales through their merchant processing system, so we then put together a few calls between Ronnie and the company.

Once they had their systems set up to take payment, we uploaded all of the new graphics and items that went into the store to the new merchant processor's database, set pricing, weight, etc, and embedded the store into the new, faster website. 

What we did

After the website was built, streamlined, and uploaded to the web, Ronnie put out an email blast letting his old clients know that they are now taking online orders on the new vape shop website. Immediately, sales started to pour in. He quickly ran out of vape juice inventory and asked me to take some of the items down until he could restock. The site was a hit and the website was a success.

Over the next month, we tracked sales and Ronnie let us know that he was having better weeks from online sales just shipping out orders than he would ever do retail in stores. His sales topped out at $31k in one day, from one store, and larger distributors of vape shop items wanted to work with PPV due to their online ordering. We were happy to help another small business from closing.

A small business, saved.

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