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Barefoot Palm Beach | Palm Beach, FL

Elevating the Palm Beach Lifestyle: The Barefoot Palm Beach Blog Transformation

At Level Nine Media, we believe in empowering individuals to share their passions and insights with the world. Our recent collaboration with Carolina from Barefoot Palm Beach is a testament to this philosophy, where we joined forces to elevate her lifestyle blog and bring the vibrancy of Palm Beach to a global audience.

A Lifestyle Visionary:

Carolina, the creative force behind Barefoot Palm Beach, has a passion for capturing the essence of Palm Beach's social scene. Her lifestyle blog was a treasure trove of experiences, but she felt it was time for a digital makeover. Carolina sought a user-friendly website editor and a fresh, upscale look to match her blog's elite reputation.

Identifying the Challenge

The journey began with identifying the challenges Carolina faced. Her website needed a makeover to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape. The existing site was complex to navigate and didn't effectively convey the prestige of being the 'preferred lifestyle blog' of Palm Beach.

Crafting the Solution

To ensure Barefoot Palm Beach could shine online, we embarked on a comprehensive journey. We delved into the reader's perspective, conducting user interviews and usability studies to understand what would attract more readers.

The Transformation

Our solution was to create a new blog website using the versatile Wix platform. This choice not only made the backend user-friendly but also allowed for easy updates. We designed multiple webpage layouts to maintain consistency while showcasing various types of content. Our approach incorporated the latest web development and design best practices to bring Carolina's vision to life.

The Impact

The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Barefoot Palm Beach's new website not only simplified navigation but also exuded the elegance and sophistication that Palm Beach represents. Carolina's blog found a refreshed digital identity that resonated with readers, both locally and globally.

Continuing the Journey

Our collaboration with Barefoot Palm Beach doesn't end here. We're committed to helping Carolina maintain her online presence and continue to captivate her audience with the Palm Beach lifestyle's allure.


The Barefoot Palm Beach blog transformation is a story of renewal and growth, where digital innovation met a passion for lifestyle blogging. At Level Nine Media, we're proud to have been part of this journey, turning a vision into a vibrant online reality.

Stay tuned for more inspiring projects from Level Nine Media, where we empower creators to share their passions with the world.

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