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Elevating a small business to global prominence through strategic digital solutions.

Traditional tartan kilts hanging at a Renaissance Festival.

Kommando Kilts, a name synonymous with high-quality leather footwear and period costume accessories, owes much of its success to a partnership that turned dreams into reality. The driving force behind this transformation was none other than Level Nine Media. Let's delve into how Level Nine Media played a pivotal role in Kommando Kilts' remarkable journey to excellence.

A Vision Unleashed

The Dealy Express family of companies, with operations spanning eleven states and online sales reaching across North America and beyond, saw immense potential in Kommando Kilts. A small business that had grown from a garage startup to a regional success story, Kommando Kilts had a vision of reaching a global audience with their exceptional products.

Crafting Digital Excellence

To achieve this ambitious goal, Kommando Kilts turned to Level Nine Media, a partner known for its expertise in crafting digital excellence. The collaboration kicked off with a vision - to create a digital presence that matched Kommando Kilts' commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. The transformation included:

Screenshot displaying a vibrant collection of tartans, showcasing Kommando Kilts' unique and colorful designs.

Custom-Designed Tartan Squares: Kommando Kilts now offers customers the ability to choose the correct tartan for their kilts, enhancing the personalization of their products.

Bespoke Ecommerce Engine: Level Nine Media designed a robust and user-friendly ecommerce platform that made online shopping a breeze for customers.

Separate Buy Pages: Organized pages made it easy for customers to find what they were looking for, improving the overall shopping experience.

Comprehensive Website and Branding Package: Kommando Kilts' online presence now reflected their brand's excellence, with a website that showcased their unique products in all their glory.

4-5X The Success

The impact of this digital transformation was nothing short of extraordinary. With Level Nine Media's expertise and Kommando Kilts' unwavering commitment to quality, sales revenue quadrupled in just two short months. What was once a regional success story became a global phenomenon, with customers from all over the world flocking to Kommando Kilts' online store.

Screenshot of Kommando Kilts' tartans, beautifully designed by Level Nine Media, showcasing unique patterns and high-quality craftsmanship

A Journey to Remember

The partnership between Kommando Kilts and Level Nine Media is a testament to what can be achieved when vision meets expertise. Together, they transformed a small business into a global brand, proving that with dedication and the right partner, success knows no bounds.


Level Nine Media's role in Kommando Kilts' journey to excellence showcases the power of collaboration and innovation. Kommando Kilts' remarkable story of growth, from a garage startup to a global presence, is a testament to what can be achieved through strategic digital solutions.

As we celebrate the remarkable success of Kommando Kilts and their partnership with Level Nine Media, we invite you to explore the world of high-quality leather footwear and period costume accessories. Join us in applauding their journey to greatness.

Discover the remarkable transformation of Kommando Kilts, made possible by Level Nine Media - where dreams become reality, and success knows no boundaries.

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