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"Legal Excellence Redefined: Hines Ranc and Holub's Digital Makeover"


Delve into the digital transformation of Hines Ranc and Holub, an esteemed law firm in Austin, TX, where legal excellence meets a modern online presence. Join us on a journey through their website redesign and optimization, courtesy of Level Nine Media.


A Digital Facelift:

Witness the evolution of Hines Ranc and Holub's online presence as they undergo a digital facelift. With a keen focus on user experience and accessibility, Level Nine Media has reimagined their website, ensuring a seamless and informative platform for clients and visitors.

Strategic Redesign:

Our collaboration with Hines Ranc and Holub goes beyond aesthetics. We've strategically redesigned their website to align with the firm's values and showcase their legal expertise. Explore the thought process behind the redesign, emphasizing clarity, navigation, and a professional aesthetic that reflects the firm's commitment to excellence.

Google Dominance:

Unlock the secrets to Hines Ranc and Holub's Google dominance. Level Nine Media implemented a comprehensive strategy for SEO and AdWords, elevating the firm's visibility in the digital landscape. Learn how strategic keywords and targeted campaigns have propelled Hines Ranc and Holub to the forefront of online legal searches.

Hosting for Success:

Behind every successful online presence is reliable hosting. Level Nine Media ensures Hines Ranc and Holub's website operates seamlessly, providing a secure and efficient platform for clients and potential clients. Explore the importance of hosting in maintaining a robust and reliable digital footprint.


Hines Ranc and Holub's journey with Level Nine Media is a testament to the transformative power of digital strategy. Experience the intersection of legal prowess and online innovation as we showcase the meticulous website design, strategic Google dominance, and reliable hosting that have positioned Hines Ranc and Holub as legal trailblazers in the digital realm.

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