Offering color options:

What are the costs or added fees associated with offering different colors?

People nowadays want to be able to customize EVERYTHING so why not make this another piece to customize - plus different offerings would help you stand out in the  "Water garden" market.

For example, The first edition of your water gardens could come in white, blue, and pink. For Christmas you could release a limited edition red one - or perhaps have "limited edition seasonal colors" that would drive more sales during those times.

Website: is simple, easy, new and marketable to 35+ who want a customizable garden.

It would be something to think about if it isn't cost prohibitive or if each color would cost an extra $5 per unit and you could charge $20 for a custom color there's another income stream for the same sale. Offering seed packets and labels that match the brand image would be beneficial since you're already printing both, and it would open up a new sales stream.

Brand Name:

I looked into different languages and a very common name is "jardin" for "Garden" in  Spanish, Catalan, and French three of the most spoken languages on earth. If we are going to try entering the South American and European market, I think this name would benefit you greatly, as most people that see a plant and the letters "J-A-R-D-I" will associate it with garden.​

See below:

Using this information, this is the brand strategy I came up with:

Proposed Seed Packets for myjardi website

name easily conveys what it is for transition into international markets

New Labels

Write-On Labels



Make a page for school programs where we give them a free water garden to share with their science classes

Offer maintenance contracts?

Include stickers that say "myJARDI" so that people can stick them on their garden, sell extras.


VIDEO about Before Afters

Reach out to popular youtubers and send them a free garden to review

Time Lapse Videos are VERY POPULAR

SET-UP how to videos

Mixing Nutrients videos

"Take locally grown to the next level" Youtube videos

7Printable grow schedules for each plant we sell


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