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River City Grille




When the pandemic hit, and Covid became a problem for face-to-face interaction, Candice with River City Grille contacted us to help her transition her beautiful waterfront restaurant from a dine-in spot to a delivery and pick-up restaurant website complete with online ordering and payment option.

River City Grille

First, we recommended that she update her current website from an older Wordpress platform to a newer more modern back-end and UX to help gain and retain more restaurant website visitors. On top of that, we asked her to put together all of her emails from past clients to send them a campaign letting them know about the new restaurant website and dining rules.

Their rating among various sites like Yelp and Facebook was amazing, with an average score of 4.8 stars. This was not being highlighted on the old site, which is something we thought new customers should know. We took her high resolution photos and made them into web graphics for the new site, while keeping the original logo to accentuate the waterfront restaurant's location. 

The Results

The only way to truly tell if the project is a success is with statistics and numbers. Before we redesigned their restaurant website, they'd average 300-400 website hits per month, with only about 12-15 calls per month off of the website. Additionally, the old site was not mobile friendly, so there were zero conversions or calls coming from mobile users, a demographic that makes up almost 80% of all new website traffic. 

Within a month of having their new restaurant website published and on the web, their traffic went up 500%, with conversions hitting anywhere from 20-40 calls per day. We also made sure to add tracking to every click and could see that most of their visits came from Yelp, so we suggested that Candice contact them to set up an ad campaign using our new product images.


The restaurant and their website seamlessly transitioned during the Covid pandemic from a dine-in restaurant to a fully staffed and capable online ordering restaurant and bar website, using state-of-the-art website technology and targeting. Now that Covid has slowed down, we will be assisting them to maintain and keep the online aspect while slowly rolling out new interior dine in graphics for the next season.  

The amazing views are what set this Marble Falls restaurant apart

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