On-Site Training

Sometimes you need hands-on training for your business. We offer that too.


Instead of hiring a full-time IT person, handling health insurance, taxes, personal issues, days off, vacations - let us teach YOU how to update and edit your business website with a 2-day on-site training course. This is not a coding class, this is a "run your business successfully" class.

With our 2-Day Training Course you will learn the following:

  • Learn more about the site platform and how to navigate within it

  • Learn more about your editor and how to navigate within it

  • Learn how to edit your website header, footer, and menu

  • Learn how to add content to your store

  • Learn how to create a new page for products

  • Learn how to group products into collections

  • Learn how to set up shipping & taxes

  • Learn how to add and edit a customer

  • Learn how to create a marketing landing page

  • Learn how to set up a product coupon

  • Learn how to set up specials

  • Learn eCommerce SEO best practices

  • Learn to set up your 2021 Marketing strategy

  • Learn to run an Easter sale (real time)

  • Learn to advertise on Facebook & Google

  • Learn about gift cards, subscriptions, and loyalty programs

When your training is finished, you will know everything you need to know about editing and optimizing your website to get the most out of your online business. 

Only $2450 for both days - Satisfaction Guaranteed



Working at a Cafe

"Rob was great! He showed me everything I needed to know and more! Would definitely recommend this course to anyone!"

MarkAnthony B.


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