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Wal-Mart & EZ-Gro Collaboration

Wal-Mart invited EZ-Gro to participate in their new product convention for 2022. All around the USA, companies compete to get ranked and allowed in to this exposition, where buyers for Wal-Mart are gathered to find new products for their stores.

Let's Build Something

Beautiful Together

The Problem:

Wal-Mart is very strict with their labeling, logo placement, sizing, etc and EZ-Gro needed our help to get in stores in time for 2023 Q1.

EZ-Gro chose their home Microgreen Grow Kit to pitch to Wal-Mart buyers at the expo, and they tasked us with the label design, packaging design, and marketing collateral that would help the Wal-Mart buyer team choose their product for Wal-Mart retail sales.

The Solution

Level Nine Media designed the labels and collateral for the new microgreens kits. In September 2022, the product was entered at the expo. Within 24 hours, Wal-Mart entered a microgreens kit order for $3.785 Million for Q1 with future orders planned.

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The Results

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